Explore Tehran with 30th Tir street ۳۰th Tir Street is one of the very famous… چهارشنبه ۱۱ اردیبهشت ۹۸

Explore Tehran with 30th Tir street

۳۰th Tir Street is one of the very famous streets of Tehran, It is known for cafes, street foods and particularly distinction from the neighboring streets, The pavilion I mean. This street is a place that brings together different religions. Let’s know more about ” Religions Street” with ERAVEL
۳۰th Tir Street is one of the very old neighborhoods of Tehran which has its name due to the uprising of people on 30 Tir of 1331 in Solar calendar (21 July 1952). This street has been a long time one of the places of interest for tourists coming to Iran and it is popular for different religions gathered alongside each other and many historical and cultural elements
۳۰ Tir street is located in 12th area of Tehran which is very popular for its touristic attractions from cafes and historical buildings to museums and religious centers and also the existence of the embassies of many countries
It’s a big challenge to go to 30th Tir street using your car during the weekdays because it is located in traffic area, so it is recommended to use the subway to get there. For this purpose, you must leave the subway at Imam Khomeini station and walk for a while to get there, Of course there are some buses to get there too

30th Tir Street

Places we can visit in 30 Tir street

30th Tir Street

The National Museum of Iran

The National Museum is a great collection of treasures of historical and prehistoric works of Iran, located in Tehran on 30th Tir street. This Museum consists of two separate buildings of the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of Archeology and Islamic Art of Iran. The National Museum of Iran with over eighty years’ activity is not only the largest archaeological and historical museums in Iran, it is also considered as the Mother Museum of Iran
The visiting time is between 9 to 19, it takes you about 2 to 4 hours to visit there

30th Tir Street

Iran Glassware and Pottery Museum

It is one of the most popular and very famous museums of Tehran located in 30th Tir street. many of the travelers know this as the “Museum of Glassware”: a place to exhibit the glasses and precious stones discovered during the archaeological excavations. The museum of glassware was built in a beautiful and historical building dating back to the early days of the Pahlavi Period in a garden of 7,000 square meters on Tehran’s 30th Tir Street
The visiting time is between 9 to 19, it takes you about 1 and half an hour to visit there

30th Tir Street

Hayyim Synagogue

This synagogue that is the Jewish Temple was built in 30th Tir street, outside the Udallajan neighborhood that was the main center of Jewish settlement in Tehran due to the constitutional changes in which Jews could have lawyer in Iranian Parliament. later the Jewish community started to build houses around this Synagogue.  This place is now one of the tourist attractions of 30th Tir streets in Tehran

30th Tir Street

Gol Rezaeiyeh Cafe Restaurant

Cafes could be considered as a part of cultural Heritage because they show actually the life style, food and drink habits and even the mindset of people in a city
Once upon a time, Tehran that can be considered now as the city of cafes and restaurants, had just 5 cafes that Gol Rezaeiyeh Cafe in 30th Tir street was one of them. It is now one of the nostalgic places which arises “the old Tehran” and has once been the element of modernization in the capital
This cafe is actually a family heritage from grandfather to grandson (Shervin). It is located across from Glass and Ceramics Museum in 30th Tir St and you have call this number to reserve a table: +98 21 6670 7290

30th Tir Street

Firooz Bahram High School

This high school is one of the very oldest ones in Tehran that is built in 1932 and is still active. The high school was constructed and supported by Zoroastrian Community of Iran. The architecture of building is of Qajar era and it is now considered as a cultural heritage and historical places in 30th Tir street

30th Tir street

Zoroastrian fire temple

Fire Temples are the worship place in Zoroastrian religion. Adryan fire temple building located in 30th Tir street next to Firooz Bahram High school and dated back to 1916. It is the only fire Temple in Tehran that is open to public
30th Tir street

Archbishop Ardak Manokian Museum

Archbishop Ardak Manokian museum was built on 2008. It is known as the Armenian Museum of Anthropology too and includes many religious ritual items, pictures and paintings, women’s traditional costumes at various historical periods of Armenians and various items granted by Armenian Community of Iran







Zohreh Khosravi | 30 April 2019

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