Golqaltan Custom Golqaltan (place newborns in Rose petals) custom is one of the ancient traditions in… چهارشنبه ۲۶ اردیبهشت ۹۷

Golqaltan Custom

Golqaltan (place newborns in Rose petals) custom is one of the ancient traditions in the central region of Iran. This tradition has both root in religious beliefs and indicates the adherence of Iranian tribes to their old traditions. Today, though people are turning to modern life, it is still customary in central Iran.


The Damask rose (Gol Mohammadi) is the most  fragrance flower in Iran and has a lot of uses. This flower is renowned for its fine fragrance and is commercially harvested for rose oil used in perfumery and to make rose water and rose concrete. The flower petals are also edible.
 They may be used to flavor food, as a garnish, as an herbal tea and etc.


Every year, on early May, the scent of this flower spreads throughout the city and the people in Amirieh of Semnan celebrate the Golqaltan festival.

Every family who has the baby gets it ready for this festival. It does not matter if the child is a girl or boy, but it’s important that this spring is the first of their life and for the babies born in the spring this year, this custom is more important.
Family women go to the garden to pick up the flowers. They fill their skirts from the flower as singing, praying and saying the name of Prophet Muhammad  (The name of this flower is taken from the name of the Prophet).
After picking flowers, they bring them home. The women do it in the early morning,  because the flowers are more refreshing.


Baby’s mother, grandmother or aunt takes it to the bathroom and wash. Then they throw the flower petals in a white and clean fabric and tuck the baby inside. Then they take the four corners of the fabric as reading the ritual poems and ask God health for baby.

During the ceremony, they offer tea and sweets to the guests (who are mostly their close relatives). This tradition was held in the past only for newborns in spring at the same time of blooming the flowers, but today they hold for all babies in their first life spring.

The people of Amirieh believe that tucking the baby in Damask rose will keep it health and immune to the diseases.


The Golqaltan Custom is an intangible heritage of the city of Amiryeh which has been kept by the mothers of this city for many years to be transferred to future generations.

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Translated by: Razieh Ahmadi | ۱۵ May 2018

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