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Historical House of Malek (Khaneye Malek): Interview with Zahra Tondkar

These days Historical House of Malek is a cozy place for ERAVEL content managing group. Whenever we meet someone here, we know more about the history, art and culture of our hometown Mashhad. This time we are going to interview with a compassionate lady who loves her profession and desires to revive traditional arts of his country

Zahra Tondkar is the manager of Historical House of Malek, So I want you to stay with ERAVEL and know more about the Historical House of Malek and its artistic and cultural opportunities for both youths to learn and travelers to visit
Historical House of Malek
I’m Zahra Tondkar; graduated in Electrical Engineering from University of Birjand. I started to learn Tazhib, Tasheir, Gol and Morgh which are from the very old and valuable methods in Iranian painting (Negargari) while I was studying at university. I’ve learned Tazhib (Illumination) first at the lessons of master Seyed Reza Safavi who was teaching in electricity group at university and was teaching Calligraphy and Illumination at the same time. That was a great opportunity for me to be the Professor Safari’s student and learn both Electricity and Illumination at the same time. After graduation I came back to Mashhad and started to learn Tasheir with Master Afshar and I’ve learned the method Gol & Morgh with Master Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri in Tehran. I have now the grade 2 in Iranian painting (Negargari) which is equivalent with the Master’s degree at University

The Historical House of Malek gave me the chance for learning more in presence of a lot of masters. I’ve been here for a long time, actually about 14 years and it’s about 2 years that I have been appointed as the manager of this historical house
Historical House of Malek

Activities carried out in Historical House of Malek

After reconstruction, the Malek Historical house has been changed to the Center of Creation and Research the Traditional Arts, it actually became a live museum so you can visit the works and talk to its creators. You can talk to them when working on their masterpieces, the best way to communicate and interact to art works and the artists. This is the reason we have the top grade masters of Iran here, in Malek historical house; You can visit their works in both domestic and international art and handicrafts Exhibition. furthermore, we have had some students here who have learned an art from its basic levels and now are known as a master
Historical House of Malek

Artistic fields that are active in Malek house

Malek historical house complex has been active in many various fields. Some have been replaced with others during times, some others have been bolded and some have not been addressed so much. we are now active in 18 fields consists of Toreutics in metals like copper, brass, silver and Steel; the Lattices; Casting; Tapestry with silver; Embossed pottery; Sculpture; Ceramic glaze; Batik painting, Carpet design, Illumination; Mogharnas design and many others. More ever we have Fusion Glassworks lessons here; engraving, toreutics and the lattices in a very special type of Serpentine called Harkare in local dialect; Mosaic and Wood carving

In some fields like engraving on serpentine, students can learn here and accept the orders. We have been successful in Entrepreneurship in this field
Historical House of Malek

Embroidered needle works in Malek House

Traditional sewing and needle works are among the most popular fields that we are teaching and it is better to say that we are reviving now. Various types of needle working from new designs to very old ones no longer used in fashion industry, have been thought here

Mrs. Mohseni who has revived many of these methods presents here twice a week (on Mondays and Thursdays). Almost all her students who are learning Embroidered needle works, Sermeh embroidery, Pateh and Balochi embroided needle works, learn the techniques here and can work independently. The most valuable thing about Malek historical house is that we reuse and revive designs that no longer being used anywhere. All these sewing works could be applied in cushion, tablecloth, clothes and many other things that can be sold as sustainable and artistic souvenirs of Mashhad
Historical House of Malek

Masters and artists present in Malek historical house

Most of the masters have been here are among the best of the country and their works are unique in the national and international levels. Their works can be visited here and we hope that Mashhad could have its Museum of Contemporary Art one day to show these masterpieces. We have had the artists like master Ehsan Afshar who has many national and international rewards for Iranian painting; Master Shamsi Nejad who is Pioneer in Mogharnas and now are here three times a week on odd days. Master Modares Nejad has performed Mogharnas designs of many Iranian monuments. He has trained thousands students but no one could have ever been like him
Historical House of Malek

Time to visit

The visit time of Malek house is 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and in Ramadan periods which individuals are fasting is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Our major challenge is now that we do not have a formal tourist guide, we have the plan to make interpretational boards for our works and we hope to attract more knowledgeable travelers to introduce our city –Mashhad– and the arts hidden inside it to them



Zohreh Khosravi | 15th May 2019

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