Iranian garden in Tehran – Explore Tehran’s Neighborhoods Iranian garden located in one of the… شنبه ۱۴ اردیبهشت ۹۸

Iranian garden in Tehran – Explore Tehran’s Neighborhoods

Iranian garden located in one of the very old neighborhoods of Tehran – Vanak village – is a lovely tourist attraction and a beautiful garden for both citizens and travelers. Let’s explore Tehran’s neighborhoods by surfing in Vanak Village (Deh Vanak) and Iranian garden. Follow Eravel on Instagram page on @eravel.official too

Iranian garden

The garden is located on Sheikh Bahaei Avenue, 20 Meters walkway to Piroozan, Saberi alley and has a very quiet and cozy atmosphere. This garden has two main entrance: one on the eastern side and the other on the western side, it has also two subsidiary entrances on southern side and on west- southern side. Design and construction of the Iranian garden of Vanak is adapted from the Persian Garden pattern. Persian gardens have all three elements consists of water channels, pond and fountain; a mansion in the center; and the symmetry in design and structure. The Iranian garden of Vanak has all
Iranian garden
It has its own beauty in all seasons, in spring for blossoms and tulips, in summer for the shadow of the trees and singing birds, in autumn for colorful leaves and in winter for its fantastic landscape. All seasons has its own beauty
Iranian garden
The garden area is about 4.3 acres that 2/5 acres of that is dedicated to green space. There are several stone channels and old trees of Sycamore, Cedar, Persimmon, Pomegranate, Barberry and Piracantha inside it. There used to be a restaurant and a cafeteria in the mansion but now they have given their places to a public library. In front of the mansion there is a very nice pond with several fountains surrounded by fine pots and beautiful flowers. Family picnics, bird watching, photography, sport activities and reading a book are the most popular activities that Iranian do in this garden
Iranian garden
There are several paths to reach this park: you can use the BRT or taxis to get Vanak square then go to Valiasr street from the north, after a short walk in Valiasr, you will get to Khadami Street on the left. The taxi station is located at Khadami Street. All you have to do is tell the driver you want to go to the Iranian garden; If there is a subway on your path, you can go first  to Tohid Station on line 4 and get off the subway, then take a BRT (line 104). After 5 stations, you have to get off at Modiriyat Bridge Station, then walk to Iranian Garden for about 300 meters
Iranian garden
There is no time limitation to visit the garden and the visiting required no payment. To know more about Tehran tourist attractions  read about Moghadam historical house


Zohreh Khosravi | 1 May 2019

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