Kamar-Maghbula; ancient Petroglyph that could be a Geo-site Kamar Maghbula means “The Beautiful Rocks” in… چهارشنبه ۲۱ فروردین ۹۸

Kamar-Maghbula; ancient Petroglyph that could be a Geo-site

Kamar Maghbula means “The Beautiful Rocks” in local accent of people in Mashhad. Mashhad is a city of different interesting aspects for travelers: The Holy Shrine for religious tourists, the best restaurants, historical houses and schools, museums and very important monuments, the very nice local accent (mashhadi) and very beautiful parks. So let’s explore the city and its wonders. Stay always with ERAVEL because I want to tell more of this city

kamar maghbula

Petroglyph are the oldest forms of human arts. In fact, rock paintings are of the oldest works of art in human history.  This type of human arts has emerged on natural rocks. Archaeologists believe that the emergence of these arts in nature is related to the time when man left the caves and began to live in the plains and mountains.  The presence of rock paintings in Iran, according to the country’s history, is absolutely obvious
kamar maghbula natural park
The Kamar Maghbula Natural Park is located 3 km from Mashhad and one km from the valley called Daghestan in Torghabeh touristic city. The best way to get there is to use the motorbike, but many tourists prefer to walk along the road and trekking the path which it takes about 1 hour
The Natural Park of Kamer Mughuba consists of volcanic rocks that worth to visit due to the existence of the ancient rock paintings that  is said have been pained about 3000 years ego
kamar maghbula
The natural park of Kamar Maghbula consists of an area about ​​۲۵۰ hectares and is said to be an unexplored gold mine there too. This special feature enhances the potential of converting the area to a rich geo-site for it has both  archaeological value and  very special land forms. The existence of the gold mind in this area would impact the idea to transform the natural park to a wealthy geo-site


Zohreh Khosravi | 8 April 2019

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