Let’s visit Mashhad and not forget about these 10s Maybe you always ask yourself what… چهارشنبه ۴ اردیبهشت ۹۸

Let’s visit Mashhad and not forget about these 10s

Maybe you always ask yourself what to do in Mashhad when you’re going to visit this city. shall I go to visit the Holy Shrine only or  I can do more?  which places I would visit or which souvenir to buy? let me mention that we are here to tell you about all you have to do in this amazing city. Stay with ERAVEL because Mashhad is waiting for you

what to do in Mashhad

 Visit The Holy Shrine

I have to mention that the Holy Shrine is the most important cause of many people who visit Mashhad. It is a religious historical complex which is managed by Astan Qodas Razavi. The importance of the holy Shrine is mostly for Shiate Muslims who come to pilgrim but this complex consists of various museums, Mehman Saraa, cultural Programs, historical richness and Pilgrimage ceremonies that would be attracting for you as a visitor. in addition to that you can visit the central library and you might be surprised with both architecture and its valuable book
Let me add that you can ask for baby sitter and kindergarten services of the Holy Shrine Complex called Kabootaneh if you’re going to travel with your children, not to forget about the special restaurant called Ghazaye Hazrat or Mehman Saraye Hazrat, if you ask the shrine crew they will guide you and you might have the chance to be the gust of Hazrat

what to do in Mashhad?

 Visit Torghabeh and Shandiz

Mashhad is the city of both historical and natural attractions. People of this city (Mashadi ha) usually spend their weekend on suburb, there are two picturesque cities near Mashhad called Torghabeh and Shandis which are famous for restaurants, cafes, Beautiful landscapes and fantastic weather. Don not forget to try Shishlic (The very delicacy traditional food of Mashhad) and various kinds of Kebab

what to do in Mashhad?

 The water parks: experience adventure in Mashhad

If you have the plan of visiting Mashhad, please do not forget about your swimming suites. But wait, Mashhad is not a coastal city but it has lots of modern water parks. Aftab Shore Park, Iranian Water and Mojhaye Khorushan Water Park are of the best water parks in Iran

what to do in Mashhad

 Shole Mashadi

Shole Mashhadi is a traditional food that if you travel in Moharam and Safar (tow months of religious ceremonies) you can find in almost anywhere. But in other times of the year you can find it in some restaurants round the city.  Halim and Digche are two other very delicious foods of Mashhad, do not forget in other cities of Iran you might have Halim but Mashhad is the only city that you have to eat your Halim with no sugar in and with the accompaniment of Gheyme (a kind of Stew), such a delicious combination

what to do in Mashhad

 Go shopping

Almost most travelers who visit Mashhad are passionate to visit the various malls and shop centers and enjoy shopping with very appropriate prices, but shopping is not all, there all a lot of coffee shops, restaurants and game centers to amuse you for a while

what to do in Mashhad

Ferdowsi’s Tomb

If you are passionate to Persian poems and if you know the great Persian poet, Ferdowsi, so there is no doubt that you must visit his monument in the ancient Toos city near Mashhad

what to do in Mashhad

Buy a deserved souvenir

You might ask yourself about the souvenir of Mashhad. Well … let me release a secret, Mashhad is the world city of precious stones from 2016 and you can find many different kinds of precious engraved stones here. Turquoise, Agate and many others that you would buy the best of them here in Mashhad. You can also find some masterpieces engraved on serpentine in historical Malek House. I recommend it as a precious souvenir from my city

what to do in Mashhad

 Go to the roof

If you like to stand on the roof of Mashhad and see the city under your legs, please go to Abadgaran complex. From here you can see a very beautiful view of the whole city.  Abadgaran has access to other parts of the city through Mashhad Beltway (Sento Road) and there are lots of good coffee shops and restaurants there to experience a fantastic evening with your friends

what to do in Mashhad

 Botanical Garden

Mashhad botanical garden in a very beautiful complex of architecture and landscape in approximately 25 hectares. There are more than 14950 trees and it consists of 25225 square meters of permanent flowers and 9500 square meters of season flowers. the botanical garden is located on Jomhuri Islami Boulvard

خانه داروغه

Visit Darughe historical house

I have to mention that there are many historical houses in Mashed. If you like to visit the Iranian Historical architecture, Darughe house is a good suggestion. Tavakoli house and historical Malek House are the other samples of Iranian old houses too that you can visit in Mashhad
As you see Mashhad in a city with many places of interest for tourists and visitors. We have lots of museum, cafes and houses that you can enjoy visiting this city. come to Mashhad and share your travel memories with us


Zohreh Khosravi | 23 April 2019

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