Unique Experience in underground city Oeei The underground city Oeei is located under the current context… شنبه ۲۴ شهریور ۹۷

Unique Experience in underground city Oeei

The underground city Oeei is located under the current context of Nushabad city in Kashan in the central part of Aran va Bidgol County in Isfahan Province, dating back to the Sassanian era.

Nushabad has been one of the most important cities in Iran and once the capital of Anoushirvan (the King of Kings (Shahanshah) of the Sasanian Empire from 531 to 579). This structure, which is currently on the national monuments list of Iran, is located in the historic water storage complex in Nushabad.


The structure of this underground city is such that it consists of narrow and nesting corridors and small rooms.
The underground city has been used as a shelter in the case of danger when the enemies attacked.
The underground city area has been expanded horizontally and vertically to save the people’s lives and protect their properties in dangerous situations.


Oeei is very cleverly built at a depth of 4 to 18 meters, and is an excellent example of underground cities that have been constructed to defend the lives and assets of people in ancient Persia.
Except the main entrance, the height of the rooms and corridors is considered to be too much of human normal height but the other entrance sections allow for the passage of only one person. The interiors of the rooms are free of any decorations, and only in some walls there is a place to put the ancient oil lamps and sitting benches.

The city was completely accidentally discovered after years in 2006; When one of the citizens of Nushabad was digging a well in the courtyard of his house, he crashed into structures that announced the discovery of a new world under his house.
Among the interesting elements of the architecture of the underground city Oeei, there are the canals designed and built from the basement to the surface. These canals were the city’s air conditioning routes, and since this city was built to protect the lives and properties of the people, access to them was very difficult, but it’s possible only through a narrow and short canal.


At the mouth of the canals, a number of rubble and a slate were discovered that used to close the canal at risk, or as a defensive tool, But in normal times, after passing through each canal, they close it with a stone like millstone that had a hole.
The water required of the inhabitants were supplied from the aqueducts and the light was provided by oil lamps.
Oeei is one of the most impressive structures has high potential in the development of geotourism and geotourism tours in the area, Because of the hardness of the soil in this area, its construction, according to archaeologists, has been done with very sharp objects of high degree of hardness such as diamonds.


The entrance to Oeei is a staircase located in a semi-dark area and its structure is such that it is provided for a temporary living.
The warehouse supplies and sanitary facilities are the  sections built in this city.


We recommend you to visit this historic beautiful place when you travel through Iran.

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Translated by: Razieh Ahmadi | 13 September 2018 | Eravel

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