Travel to Mashhad and what you have to know about Travel to Mashhad (Mashad) as… شنبه ۷ اردیبهشت ۹۸

Travel to Mashhad and what you have to know about

Travel to Mashhad (Mashad) as the second metropolis of Iran is very important for majority of Iranian families. A historical and religious city located in the north eastern part of Iran that has lots of international visitors from round the world and mostly among Muslims. Few people you can find in this country, who has never traveled to this pilgrimage city but it’s not the all. Almost everybody in this country has a memory of being in Mashad. Although the main reason for choose Mashad as a travel destination is pilgrims of Imam Reza (Ziyarat), but there are many other reasons that convinces you to visit this city
Various city parks, special souvenirs, delicious foods, modern shopping centers, business and job opportunities and many other options make this city a popular destination for travelers.  Stay with ERAVEL and get to know more about this most visited destination among the touristic cities of Iran

travel to Mashhad

General information

The metropolis has many features that distinguish it from other cities, but what are the characteristics that make Mashhad different and popular? Let’s explore the city with ERAVEL


Race and Language

Mashad population is a combination of Fars, Turk, Afghan, Baluch, Arabs and others. The major language is Persian (Farsi) but most people speak this language in Mashhadi dialect, which is one of the ancient dialects of Persia. The dialect can be a reason for you to travel to Mashhad



According to the latest census in 2016, the permanent population of Mashhad is 3,372,660. people. This population lives in thirteen urban areas



Most people in Mashhad are Shiites Muslims and along with the majority of Shia, the minority of Sunnis also lives in this city



Mashhad economy can be divided into five categories including tourism and hospitality, manufacturing industries and factories, mining, agriculture, trade and markets. As the city is a religious tourism destination it seems that hospitality services has an important role in Mashhad economy and every year it makes millions of dollars for that. But the turnover of Mashhad is not limited to tourism: products such as saffron, barberry, cereals, sugar beet, agricultural products (such as Mashhad famous melons) and garden fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, tomatoes, cherries, have a very important impact on the economy of Mashhad. In addition, there are many commercial products such as candy, nuts and souvenir that thrive the economy of this city. The economy of Mashhad also includes the handicrafts market consisting of leather products, carpets and precise stones

travel to Mashhad

Sister city or twin towns

As it said the sister cities are defined due to cultural and commercial promotion as a legal or social agreement between cities round the world. Among the cities of the world Urumqi (China), Karachi and Lahore (Pakistan), Milan (Italy), Fresno (USA), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Munich (Germany), Karbala, Najaf, Baghdad and Kazimin (Iraq), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Mazar-e-Sharif (Afghanistan) and Shiraz are the sister cities with Mashhad

travel to Mashhad

Some interesting facts about Mashhad

Mashhad was selected as the world’s city of precious stones in 2016 by the World Council of Handicraft
Mashhad was selected as the Islamic Cultural Capital by Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2017
Mashhad was selected as the capital of Iran in Afshar period (its founder was Nader shah Afshar)
Mashhad is popular for a kind of traditional wrestling called Chookheh (چوخه) which is still popular among khorasan people and some other countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tatarstan

travel to Mashhad

Tips of travel to Mashhad

There are several methods to travel to Mashhad. the most usual way to get here is flight. Mashhad has an international airport that you can find a flight from your country. You can also come to Tehran and book your ticket from there. Another possible way to get to Mashhad is catching a train. If you are a responsible traveler there are various kinds of train in different classes and with different prices to get to Mashhad. It takes you about 11 hours from Tehran to come here, but you can also use the extreme trains and come to Mashhad in just 8 hours. Another way to get here is catching a bus
It depends entirely on your own that you choose a packaged tour to come here or to get by yourself. So take it easy because you have many options to experience a different travel
travel to Mashhad


There are different tips of accommodation in Mashhad. you can find lots of hotels, hotel apartments, hostels, guest houses and even private houses to stay in Mashhad. These accommodations differ in style and level so that you book your favorite ones according to your budget and your tastes
There is an important issue to reserve the accommodation and it is the time of your travel. Keep in mind that Mashhad is tourist trap and if you are going to visit this city in high season, you have to book your hotel even before you reserve your flight or train

travel to Mashhad

Transportation in Mashhad

There are different methods of transportation in Mashhad but the most popular way is using the metro. Mashhad metro has two lines at the moment which connect you from the airport and the rail station to city center and most important areas. Using buses, taxis, motor cycles and private transportation systems like Snapp and Tap30 that are cheap and economical is common in Mashhad too

travel to Mashhad


Mashhad has been located in border region between the north and south of Khorasan Razavi province, it is affected by different climate of both north and south and due to that it has specific climate features. Mashhad has hot and dry summers and very cold winters, the first days of spring, it is mostly cold and rainy but from the second month (around May) It’s going to be warm. The autumn of this city is mild and beautiful but sometimes you may experience a cool windy day
It is very important in which month you decide to travel to Mashhad, then you can have a better choice of what to wear here

travel to Mashhad

Travel to Mashhad and tourist attractions

I have to mention that there are different types of tourist attractions in this city. the most important reason for travel to Mashhad is the Holy Shrine that is a great religious, historical and cultural complex but there are lots of various places of interest to attract you here. Historical houses, malls and shopping centers, museums, city parks, amusement parks, cinemas, restaurants and cafes, medical and health tourism centers and many other features make this metropolis a popular destination to spent your holidays in. Read the article ” Things to do in Mashhad as a traveler” to know more about Mashhad


Zohreh Khosravi | 25 April 2019

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