Mashhad; the world city of gemstones There is no doubt about the fact that Mashhad… دوشنبه ۱۶ اردیبهشت ۹۸

Mashhad; the world city of gemstones

There is no doubt about the fact that Mashhad is the center for religious tourism in Iran, this city is also known as the world city of gemstones or precious stones. Mashhad is one of the best destinations for those who interested in buying the precious stones and jewelry
The selection of this city as the world city of gemstones is due to the fact that Khorasan Razavi Province has very valuable mines of precious stones and jewelries some of them are popular and unique globally. Stay with ERAVEL to read more about the world city of gemstones

world city of gemstones

It is said that the only gemstone mine of Iran is located in Khorasan Razavi in Khaje Morad area and it is one of the main sources of Aquamarine of the country.  More than 37 types of precious and semi-precious stones have been discovered in Iran that 22 types of them are belonged to kharasan Razavi Jewelry Mine. So more that 70% of Jewelry manufacturers of Iran based on Mashhad and it makes Mashhad become the largest stone trading and jewelry center of Iran.  This land has been a source for very precious stones from long ago, but the most valuable turquoise mine of the world is located here, in Khorasan Razavi Provence, Neyshabur. The Turquoise Mine of Neyshabur is not only the largest turquoise mine in Iran but also has a world renown as the type of its turquoise is unique globally
world city of gemstones


It is a very beautiful mineral hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum with a color rated from blue to green, besides this valuable gemstone is very rare. It has long been used as a very precious ornamental stone for about thousand years and now has his own place in Jewelry Industry. Some individuals believe that it is a live mineral and will be changed under the influence of the owner’s moral. This gemstone is found in two flat (Ajemi) and streaky (Shajari) types, which is more popular and more sold at a higher price. It is recommended to use the turquoise for stimulating the forces and chakras, creating calmness, awakening internal forces, treating various illnesses and tend pf other benefits

world city of gemstones


Neyshabur, a city in Khorasan Razavi province and about 118 kilometers from Mashhad (1/30 hours driving) is the only center of valuable turquoise mine of the world, the type of turquoise extracted from this mine is known internationally. Turquoise Neyshabur Mine is located 55 km northwest of Neishabour and on the old road of Sabzevar in the village called Madan (the Mine). The world’s largest turquoise mine has an annual capacity of 19 tons of turquoise rock, on average about 8-10 kilograms of turquoise will be extracted from each ton of raw rock
world city of gemstones
Currently, Mashhad has been specified as the world city of gemstones by The World Handicrafts Council due to the existence of unique jewels, mines and manufacturer in this industry. Now this city, as the capital of precious stones, is one of the main exporters of souvenirs based on gemstones and jewels
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Zohreh Khosravi  | May 5th, 2019

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